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Hi! I am Mathias from FitMe. We are specialist in making fitness trainers, nutrition experts and influencers into successful entrepreneurs so they can make more money, have more freedom and enjoy massive success.


You might already have a big following on social media but: how do you make that into real money?


We make a shop and website for you. In there, we design and sell products with your personal brand on them that you can promote on your social media channels. Your followers just click on the link, buy your stuff and you get paid. That simple!


We can even help you start your online fitness business where you can sell your workouts and coaching all over the world in just 30 days


Why just keep on promoting products from other brands when we can help you build your own? Instead of just earning a small percentage for affiliate marketing you could keep the major part of the profits by partnering with us and become a real entrepreneur!


You can keep on doing what you do best and we will handle all the rest.

You too can convert your reach and influence in winnings and achieve success and freedom.

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