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Whether you’re a few years into your career, or you are just transitioning into it, we will help you to build and grow a business that gives you unprecedented income with the kind of freedom few careers allow.

Deepen Your Skills & Reach the Next Level of Success with the Guidance and Secrets from the Experts.

Peek behind the scenes and get exclusive trainings, coaching demonstrations, insights and business, fitness and/or nutrition teachings so you can expand both your impact and income.

Are you ready to become a MASTER Coach, Healer, Nutritionist, Trainer, or Educator?
A Master who…
  • Has the unshakeable confidence to sign-up clients, run powerful coaching sessions, speak on stage or at workshops, network at high-profile events, and more

  • Creates epic levels of transformation and rapid breakthroughs for all your clients

  • Makes the 6-or 7-figure income you dream about (and absolutely deserve)

  • Enjoys time freedom and flexibility which allow you to live the life of your dreams with loved ones and pursue your passions

  • Is part of something bigger than yourself -- a community of people who come together to drive massive change all over the world

Well, you’re in the right place because we have an exclusive invitation to learn from and with an elite circle of Smart Coaches who will share their very best strategies and insider secrets.

But before we can tell you more about how Smart Coaching will help you, let’s first discover exactly where you are on the path to Mastery.

The FOUR levels of Mastery

Where are You on The Journey?

The path to mastery doesn’t always flow in exactly the same way, but it does follow this general direction. Below is the map of your entire journey to mastery, success, abundance, and freedom, marked out in four distinct stages.

Stage I: The Soldier

This is the stage when you first get introduced to coaching. You like the idea. You’re inspired to know more, so you start to educate yourself on the subject.

If you’re a soldier, you probably:

  • Are doing it part-time or just starting

  • Make very little or no income from coaching (less than €10,000 a year)

  • Spend a lot of time observing what other coaches are doing

  • Spend way too much time on social media to create “presence”

  • Feel awkward when you’re coaching someone

  • Want to know how to get more clients and feel more confident as a coach



Stage II: The Knight / The Dame

At Stage II, you’re starting to feel confident as a coach, and you even have a few clients.

If you’re a Knight/Dame, you probably:

  • Have some income coming in from coaching (€10,000-€50,000 a year)

  • Have started thinking about creating coaching packages

  • Feel overwhelmed by what you have to do to grow your coaching business

  • Want to know how you can start making more money without burning out



Stage III: The Lord / The Lady

At this stage, your client list has grown, exponentially. You’ve gained traction, and you’re successful. But this is also the stage where you’ll start to feel stuck.

If you’re a Lord/Lady, you probably:

  • Have been coaching for 2-5 years

  • Have a ton of clients

  • Are pulling in great income from coaching (~€100,000 a year)

  • Are working way too hard

  • Start to value time more than money

  • Wonder how to grow your practice when you have so much on your plate

  • Want to know how you can have a business that works for you, instead of you working on your business all the time



Stage IV: King / Queen

The fourth and final state is when you get to experience more stability in your business. You are looking to make a bigger impact and increase your reach. You want to be part of high-level masterminds and find a community of kindred spirits who understand you, your challenges and your vision.

If you’re a King/Queen, you probably:

  • Are making €250,000 - €1,000,000 (or more) a year

  • Have a solid online presence

  • Are selling digital programs and books

  • Are hosting one or two annual events which support your coaching programs

  • May even have junior coaches on your team

  • Have a sales team

  • Are often frustrated with your pace of growth, and team issues take up most of your time

  • Want to know what’s next to amplify your impact even more


If this is your actual level and you want to know more, click on the arrow


If this is your actual level and you want to know more, click on the arrow


If this is your actual level and you want to know more, click on the arrow


If this is your actual level and you want to know more, click on the arrow

The 3 Pillars of Mastery


You see… every successful coach earning 6 or 7 figures a year, every Master we have ever worked with or met... all have one thing in common. They continually work on these 3 pillars of Mastery:

Your Methodology
Your Business

Here’s a glimpse into how Smart Coaching will help you develop mastery and reach your next stage of success

Here’s a closer look at what each pillar is about, and how the targeted trainings will help you go accelerate on your path to mastery


  • Your current “version” will define your level of success.

  • Your current version will define the number and quality of clients you attract.

  • Your current version will define the impact that you have and the revenue that you generate through your coaching practice.


Higher version of yourself = higher version of clients.


Higher version of clients = better results, more impact, more income


Smart Coaching makes it easy for you to learn directly from the world’s best coaches and discover how they developed the confidence around their coaching and sales processes.

By adopting their winning mindset and strategies, you can quickly overcome your biggest challenges, limiting beliefs, and barriers; so you can finally stop struggling with signing up clients and start confidently creating transformation for your clients.



Your methodology is about how you impact your clients. How you create a transformation in their life. Your methodology includes the skills, strategies, techniques, systems and innate intelligence that you bring to your coaching sessions so your clients experience game-changing breakthroughs and amazing results.


When you have access to the wide range of tools, you’ll be able to create your own unique methodology to take your clients into the profound experience of transformation.


Smart Coaching makes it efficient for you to develop your own signature methodology of coaching that creates impact.


By having access to key strategies that create epic levels of transformation from the world’s most elite coaches, you can create tangible, extraordinary RESULTS your clients will rave about.



Being a great coach doesn’t guarantee you’ll be a successful coach with a profitable practice. You see, the act of coaching is only one part of a long, trust-building process which leads to success.


You also need to connect with your clients outside coaching sessions. You need to be at the top of their minds when they face challenges they want to overcome. When you have that trust, only then can you create a powerful, impactful business with structures and systems that allow you to work from a place of confidence and calm - not anxiety and overwhelm.


Smart Coaching makes it faster and easier for you to build the 6- or 7-figure coaching business of your dreams.


By having access to the most effective business strategies, systems, and models of current times, you’ll no longer struggle to get your message heard, grow your client list, develop the business systems which support accelerated growth, and create more impact.

10 Ways Smart Coaching Will Transform Your Coaching Practice

  • 1. Increase the quality of your coaching
    By learning HOW to achieve results from the very best people in the industry, you will dramatically increase your quality of coaching.

  • 2. Build effective business systems & models
    In Smart Coaching, you’re not just learning how to be the best coach. You’ll also learn proven business-building systems so you can build a thriving coaching practice – even if you’re still trying to find your first clients.

  • 3. Increased results, greater Impact
    By modelling the best coaches out there, you’ll be able to transform lives quicker, on a deeper level and make an even greater impact in this world.

  • 4. Enjoy more confidence in your own abilities
    Learning directly from the best of the best will increase your levels of confidence dramatically, allow you to stay true to who you are and access your greatness within. You’ll feel more powerful, secure and calm – during your sessions as well as your sales conversations.

  • 5. Higher Income Thanks to Premium Pricing
    When you achieve higher coaching quality and accelerated results for your clients, you can quickly raise your prices to match your premium skills.

  • 6. Constant personal and professional improvement
    When you join Smart Coaching, you’re committing to constant growth and improvement and making sure your journey never stagnates.

  • 7. Accelerated Business Growth
    With Smart Coaching, you’ll get the best and proven business systems and marketing strategies to help you create your dream clients, sign them on and keep them.

  • 8. Stand out in the crowded marketplace
    You’ll have access to the best coaching and business growth strategies of all high performing coaches. This gives you the freedom to combine all the different approaches and define your own personal style which stands out.

  • 9. Build lifelong friendships with other extraordinary coaches
    When you study alongside other extraordinary coaches committed on the same path of growth, mastery and contribution, you’ll build camaraderie and shared experiences which can last a lifetime.

  • 10. Unlock Your Full Potential
    Smart Coaching is the key to unlock your full potential so that you can become the very best version of yourself, constantly grow your business and fulfil your life purpose with more ease and joy.

3 reasons to join now

01 - To become a master, you need to surround yourself with the best coaches and masters in the world

The best day to do this was yesterday. The second best day is today. The sooner you start working on yourself, your methodology, and your business, the better.

02 -  You can enjoy 50% off your first-year subscription. This offer is available for a limited time only

You won’t have access to all this content at a price like this anywhere else. In fact, from a business standpoint, it’s crazy we’re offering it at such a low price. However, because it’s our mission to help coaches, healers, trainers, and educators like YOU become Masters, we’re giving you a special price for a limited time so you can easily take action NOW.

03 - You’ll receive a guided pathway to experience transformations 

Many ‘aha’s happen right at the start for many of Master Circle’s students. The guided pathway will lead you through many shifts and accelerate towards your next stage of growth on the path to becoming a Master. Why delay experiencing these shifts to become a Master?


We give fitness, nutrition, and health professionals the ability to …

  • Achieve financial security and freedom

  • Spend more time with your family and friends

  • Pursue your passions, including the ones that have nothing to do with your job

… all while providing an amazing service to their clients.

Want to be 100% online? We can help you with that.

Want to build a hybrid business, with a combination of online and in-person training? We can help you with that.

Your goal is to improve your personal training business or bootcamp? Sure we can.

Most of all, we want to help you pursue what’s best for you.

The reason is simple:

I started this whole process with one idea in mind: I wanted to help as many people as possible to get fit and live a better and healthier life. I just had one condition, one no-negotiable thing that I had to respect in the process: My own and my family's mental and physical health have to stay priority number one. That is a hard thing to balance, I’m sure you know. That meant no skipping workouts and no working overnight; respecting family time and eating healthy even when I don't have time to meal-prep for hours; taking time to go on vacation and have fun with my friends.

That's when I decided to expand my view and think outside the box: I didn't need to be the one that helps them, I just need to provide the means for it to happen. So I started helping other coaches to help people too. I had been a coach for the last decade, had had the chance to work with a lot of amazing people and I’m proud and happy to say I could help a lot of them to get healthy and to live a better life. The thing is, my day has only 24 hours. There are only so many people I can reach in a day, a week, a month, a year. I had to scale my thinking and that's why we are here today. If I can help a hundred coaches to help a hundred people, then I will have helped more people than I could have ever done by myself. I have no doubt that you are a good or even a great coach. I want you to get to the next level. I want everyone to know how good you are. If I can help YOU to help tens or hundreds of people, then my goal will be accomplished.

As coaches, we have this amazing power to improve people's lives. I want yours to improve so you can improve others and make this world a better place.