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1 on 1 or small group coaching during training and smart tracking through the fitme smart app 24/7 to guarantee results. Let a trainer stand beside you, motivate you and perfect every aspect of your training to get the best of it, at home or in the gym. We value EFFICIENCY and we know you do too. Get the best out of every minute of your training with a high qualified trainer to crush your goals! We know that EVERY PERSON IS DIFFERENT and every human body reacts its own way. That's why training with a trainer is going to assure you the results you want.


Do you want to train at home? Perfect! Gym? Awesome, no problem! At a local Park? Great! Let's do this!


Let us mix it up, make it fun and get great results together NOW! Don't wait any longer to make the next step to a better life. And what if... you are busy? have a family? work too much? It is difficult to coordinate every workout with a trainer 2, 3 or even more times in a week?


How can you get the best that the fitness industry has to offer without breaking the bank and getting the freedom to do the things you want? Easy! You use our smart training system. It combines the guarantees and personal touch of 1 on 1 personal training with the freedom that on-line training has to offer.


How does it work?

You have a personal interview with one of our qualified trainers and together you both decide, according to your experience and time availability, how often are you going to meet for a 1 on 1 or group session in a month. It might be once a week, every two weeks or even just a monthly check-in. In addition to that, you subscribe to one of our on-line programms and with those 2 things you are completely covered. You can get a highly certified personal trainer for half of what every other one out there is offering.



Loredana Del Vento

Cologne, Germany


Personal Training, Figure, Fitness




Mira Soens

Bali, Indonesia


Female body, Weightlifting, Yoga


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Luca Sosa

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Running Groups, Track & Field, Marathon, Pilates

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Martin Saldaño Krogslund

Hamburg, Germany


Fitness, Combat sports, Self-defense


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