Top 10 reasons to choose a Personal Trainer

I want to kick off this post by sharing with you the Top 10 reasons that I feel it is such a good investment of your time and money to hire a Personal Trainer. Whether you are just starting out, or have been working out for years you can gain so much from having that one-on-one environment during your training.

Let's jump right in.


This is one of the most important reasons to hire a trainer in my opinion. I often see both beginners and frequent gym goers who are performing exercises with incorrect form, which puts them at risk for serious injury. You only have one body, and a Personal Trainer can show you the correct and SAFE way to keep it healthy and fit. Look for a trainer who has taken schooling, as they will have a more in depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, which will ensure you are investing your money in someone who will be able to teach you proper form and help keep you injury free.


Let's face it, there are days when you dread heading to the gym. You just don't have the energy, and you would rather stay home in some comfy clothes and plop yourself down for a Netflix binge. We all have those days, but when you have an appointment with your Personal Trainer you are way more likely to drag your butt off that couch and get your sweat on. When there is someone else in the equation it becomes a lot harder to fall into old habits. Now it's not just you you're letting down and it gives you that little extra push to get out the door and workout.


This is one of my favorite reasons to talk about when someone asks me why they should hire a trainer. Have you ever gone to the gym, had a plan for that day, and ended up doing way less sets or reps that you had intended because you just didn't feel like it. That little voice in your head said "My arms are sore, let's just skip the last few pushups" or "I really hate doing plank, so let's just not do it today." When you have a trainer they are right there, counting your reps, and helping you overcome that voice that tells you to quit. They are your own personal cheerleader and they will get you pumped up and excited for even the worst exercises. Well, except for maybe burpees. Those suck no matter who is cheering you on.


I want you to picture this and see if you have ever fallen victim to this situation...

You rush over to the gym straight from work, exhausted, change quickly, and rush into the weight room. You look around at the packed gym and all of a sudden you are hit with that overwhelming feeling of "What am I going to do today." You were so busy at work all day that you didn't have time to prepare a plan for your workout so you resort to what you did last time, and likely the time before that. You mindlessly go through the motions of the few exercises you know well, do a bit of cardio, and then call it a day.

When you hire a trainer all you have to do it show up. They program everything for you and all you have to do is get to the gym. You have a program that is constantly changing to meet your needs without having to even think about it.


The human body is susceptible to a variety of injuries that can happen anywhere at any time. It used to be that if you got injured you would see a doctor, who would then say to stop working out and rest the injured area. Nowadays people have caught on that the more time you take off exercising the longer it takes to recover from an injury. Doctors, Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors often refer clients to Personal Trainers to set them up for success during the healing process. A Personal Trainer can work hand in hand with your medical practitioners to design a program that will help you heal quickly and get back to having the use of your whole, injury free body.


Personal Trainers tend to practice what they preach on a fairly regular basis. It is likely that your trainer is strong, fit, and healthy and spends a good amount of time engaging in healthy lifestyle habits. I have spoken with many clients who say that a big part of the reason they work to adopt healthier habits is because they look up to their trainers. You may have heard before that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. When you are training a few days a week for an hour at a time, you end up spending a fair amount of time with your personal trainer. Their good habits begin to rub off on you and you begin to look up to them as a source of inspiration. I won't say that Personal Trainers are perfect, as we are people too, but you can likely find a good role model for your fitness and health related goals in your Personal Trainer.


Another great aspect of hiring a trainer is that they want to see you achieve your goals. They are on your team and they want to help you get to exactly where you want to be. This means that the workout program they design for you will be tailored specifically to what you are looking to accomplish. If you have absolutely no idea what your goals even are, they will work with you to figure that out. They will also check in with you throughout the course of your training to see if your goals have changed. If they have, they will readjust to help you get there. They will monitor your progress to ensure you are heading in the right direction, and they will likely even get just as excited as you do over your wins and achievements.


It's right in the name - PERSONAL Trainer. This means that everything you do with your trainer is centered around you. They have one focus and that is to ensure that you are getting personalized programing and training. You don't pay a trainer to design a generic program for you that they have given to countless other clients.

A good Personal Trainer will be constantly adjusting your programming and training to fit your goals. They will always have your best interest in mind and will ensure that anything they prescribe for you is putting you on track to reach your end goal.


I'll be quite honest with you, many trainers are absolute and total nerds. They love learning about new and improved ways that they can help you achieve your goals. They get excited over articles on the proper form and technique of a squat. They send each other fitness articles they have found online and spend hours discussing them. They are like sponges who are constantly on the lookout for more knowledge to absorb. This also means that they are passionate about these things and often like to talk about them, and guess who with. That's right! YOU. Your trainer likely loves to get nerdy and tell you all about the benefits of planking, and why it's important to ensure you're engaging all the right muscles and keeping proper alignment. This means that you are not only spending the time with your trainer getting a workout in, but also learning about all of the exercises you are doing, how to do them properly, and how each one is benefiting your body. You aren't just paying them to stand there and count reps, you are paying them for their expertise, and for passing as much of it onto you as possible.


Last but not least, hiring a personal trainer means that you now have your very own sounding board. In the Personal Trainer industry it is often joked about that we double as therapists. Working out is an excellent form of stress release, and often times it feels great to get all kinds of stuff off your chest while your endorphins are running high. Had a bad day at work and need to vent? Tell your trainer all about it in between pumping out sets of pull-ups. Your trainer doesn't just care about whether you reach your fitness goals, they care about you as a whole. They want to see you succeed in all areas of life, and often times that means spending that hour being a really great listener.

Well there you have it. These are my 10 Reasons Why Hiring a Personal Trainer will Change Your Life.

Your turn! I want to hear from you.

Do you agree or disagree with these reasons?

Which one resonates with you most?

Has this made you re-think whether or not you need a Personal Trainer in your life?

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