Through Smart Training I want us to work the most efficient and effective way  possible to help you get in the best shape of your life. Every workout is  carefully planned and the progression of the weights and exercises is not  random. Follow them to a tee and I promise you results.


What can you expect to happen in the next months:

Phase 1: White Belt *  In this phase, we are just starting and to know in which direction to go we need  to know where we are. It's all about analyzing your current situation and  figuring out where your strengths and weaknesses are. We might need  frequent check-ins to assess your progress and to teach you all there is to  know in the gym. 

Phase 2: Blue Belt **  You start to feel confident around the gym and know a thing or two about  training. You can understand the workouts without further explanation and  you start noticing changes in your body. 

Phase 3: Purple Belt ***  People start to notice your changes too. Compliments start coming and people  even ask for advice. You feel good about the process and how much you have  accomplished. There´s still a long way to go but now you have the tools you  need to get there. Check-ins don't need to be that frequent. Now is the time to  push it a bit more with the intensity. 

Phase 4: Brown Belt ****  You feel good about yourself. Short-Term goals are accomplished. Now you  know your dream is possible. You have acquired a lot of useful skills that are  going to help you all your life. Small bumps don't even bother you anymore  and you drive down the road smoothly. Small adjustments here and there are  needed but you can see the goal already. 

Phase 5: Black Belt *****  You are a master. You have reached the goals you had set for yourself and now  you are ready to take on bigger challenges. You look upon your old self and  can´t believe the way things were. But you don't stay there. Not you. You are  stronger now and set yourself new ambitious goals. Now you know you can do  it and you start moving again on a new road to a new destiny.  


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