General objectives


  • Train a professional to design, direct and evaluate Plans, Programs and Projects in the field of Sport with an integrated and systemic vision.

  • Contribute to the generation of knowledge in the area of ​​Sports Management, promoting critical-reflective-constructive analysis to benefit the improvement of the sports system

  • Provide adequate tools that allow it to act efficiently and independently in sports management to apply technical approaches in the areas of administration, organization, financing and evaluation of sports services.


Specific objectives


  • Know the functions and tasks of the sports manager or administrator.

  • Differentiate between different types of management and their possible application

  • Employ technical approaches in the areas of administration, organization, financing and evaluation in sports services.

  • Intervene with the principles and structures of the organization, in the different situations that arise in the field of sport

  • Apply the concept and instruments of planning

  • Plan, organize and direct sports events of different levels and scope

  • Effectively use conceptual bases in the areas of: sociology, legislation, organizational theory and marketing, oriented to sports.


What can you expect to learn?

Module 1: Introduction

  • Concept and definition of sports management

  • Objectives and premises of sports management

  • General method of sports management

  • Job profile, professional and functions of the sports manager

  • Leadership delegation of functions / tasks and communication

  • Group Leadership Teamwork

  • Scopes and applications of sports management public, associated and private sectors of sports management.

  • Sports system and its structure

  • Resource identification - general

  • Sports facilities

  • Quality of sports services

Module 2: Strategic Planing

  • Definition

  • Phases of Strategic Planning

  • The SWOT matrix

  • Mission, Vision, Objectives

  • Analysis and Diagnosis of Sports Entities

  • Plan, program and sports project

Module 3: Marketing

  • Marketing introduction

  • Strategic marketing in sports entities

  • Marketing techniques

  • Segmentation

  • Market research

  • Service marketing planning

  • Competitive strategies

  • Image

  • User satisfaction

  • Quality

  • Communication policy

Module 4: Human Resources

  • Human Resources Planning

  • Leadership, delegation of functions / tasks and communication

  • Group Driving

  • Sports Volunteer

  • Motivation, performance evaluation and keys to good personnel selection

  • Teamwork and meeting management

  • Main types of sports organization management

  • Characteristics of the ideal sports manager

Module 5: Finance

  • Specific accounting principles of sports entities

  • The economic-financial management of the sports company

    • Economic structure and financial structure

    • The financial function

    • Classification of the company's sources of financing

    • Obtaining financing

    • Working capital

  • Investment in sports entities

    • Investment classification criteria

    • Budgets and financial plan

    • Financial control ratios

    • Efficacy, efficiency and profitability

    • Non-financial management indicators

Module 6: Sports Law

  • National and provincial sports law in Argentina

  • Legal structures of sports organizations

  • Public right and private right

  • Contracting regulations and procedures. Labor relations in professional sports

  • Federative and associative sports governing bodies. Sports governing bodies in public administration. Sports justice. Sports foundations

  • Prevention of occupational risks and safety in sports facilities

  • Resolution of conflicts by sports arbitration

  • Labor relations in professional sports. Players' agents

  • Civil liability in the field of sports activity

Module 7: 

  • Organizational concepts

  • Planning

    • Design

    • Identification of the Event

  • Organization

    • Organization chart

    • Work Teams

  • Areas:

    • Marketing

    • Economic

    • Legal

    • Logistics

    • Infrastructure

  • Types of Events

  • Types of competition:

    • By points

    • Elimination

    • Combined

    • Against the clock

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